We act as a catalyst that promotes cooperation in the trading, logistics, production, food industry in all areas in which activities would generate insufficient added value, or no added value at all. As a service provider and manufacturer, we exploit new value-creation and business potential with and for other industries locally and abroad in order to generate additional added value in the interest of proprietors and suppliers.

The Gllamm Assets market profile


Our ongoing process optimisation measures enable us to increase product quality and generate ever-greater added value.


Ensuring a healthy environment is very important to us, and we therefore strive to conserve and protect the environment. We also pursue and active and open information policy. We recycle sensibly in every step we make.


The Gllamm Assets is looking to be leading provider of comprehensive services for the food industry, offering a competitive range of products and services in the global food/pharma/industrial, feed, logistics, trading, construction and energy sectors.

Entrepreneurial spirit and determination. DELIVERED.