Alcor Nordic Spirit – In one of our group distillery Alcor Nordic Spirt we are producing various beverage and alcohol products. We offer Premium Nordic Taste Experience! Part of that production unit is food and pharmaceutical products to the processing of wheat to get high-protein, starch and by-products that are used to manufacture pet food and to generate energy.

BIGAS – is our development, construction contracting and project management company

Coral Shipping and Ekspdiitor – is our International logistic company

Gllamm Assets GmbH – our trading firm, specialised to Oil products, Gas products, Metals and Minerals. We are the link between miners, drillers, smelters, refinery´s and refined metal fabricators. Our Global trading desk operates from Zug and Tallinn.

Jaama Loftid – is our residential development project for apartment and business buildings at Jaama 52, Tartu, Estonia.

Nordic AEM – is our brand for Premium Quality Medical Sanitising Products

Oras Metall – is our metal construction factory what has mainly focused on Gable roof hall productions and custom made metal solutions. All halls are covered with PVC or Sandwich solution.

Gllamm Kvartalis our development project firm in Tartu city centre next to Emajõgi. This project state of the art and it is covering entire block. It will consist residential/ business premises and first 5* SPA hotel in South-Estonia.

Gllamm Hotel – It is first 5* SPA hotel in South-Estonia. Located in side of river Emajõgi in Tartu city centre.

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